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Mac Repairs in London

About Mac Repairs

About Mac Repairs

Any kind of problem with Apple Mac, iMac or Macbook we’ll fix it same day.

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Unveiling Our Mac Repair Journey

We repair the logic boards to component level. We repair all types of mac’s including mac mini, iMac, PowerMac, Mac Pro, Power Macintosh & Macbook pro Unibody. We look to repair any logic board with a same day service. Give us a call today, on 07379 617 861 , for more information!

We run a Pick-up & Drop-off APPLE MAC REPAIR service any where in the UK.

We provide cheap iMac screen replacement, same day service Pick and Drop.

Please call now 07379 617 861.

Here are some very common problem with Macbook systems

  • 1.No power, completely dead macbook. Visit us for apple mac repairs !
  • 2.Power up but no display on apple powerbook g4.
  • 3.Light is flashing but no display powermac problem
  • 4.Beep noise no displiay in apple mac system
  • 5.Apple mac power issues: is there very noisy fan but no display?
  • 6.Apple mac keeps freezing or hanging. Visit us for macbook repairs
  • 7.Apple imac shutting down just after few minutes
  • 8.Different colours on the screen of apple mac, mac mini or powermac
  • 9.Apple imac, mac mini or powermac with cracked screen, any size, same day replacement any size!
  • 10.Mac with dimm screen, the problem may be the mac screen cable, we can replace it.
  • 11.Problem with inverter boar on mac mini or powermac
  • 12.Mac with faint screen, lines or screen is swtiching on and off. We’ve the solution for any problem mac screens
  • 13.Problems with cinema display ( any size ) fixed on the same day apple repairs in london
  • 14.Apple macbook keep crashing
  • 15.Upgrade your old macintosh system
  • 16.Key board mouse airport problem with apple mac system
  • 17.Over heating problem with old macintosh system
  • 18.Logic board repairs same day ( any mac )
  • 19.We’ll replace the cpu in your mac on the same day (g5,power mac,quad core, intel, original mac)
  • 20.Replace the power supply in your mac while you wait
  • 21.Dvd or super drive replacement
  • 22.Broken usb for apple mac.
  • 23.Problem with fire wires
  • 24.Wireless problems

All your Apple product handle by the professional Apple Certified Engineer.
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Why us?
  • Expert technicians
  • Authorised repairer
  • Affordable repairs
  • FREE inspection and diagnostics
  • 100% guaranteed repairs
  • Very quick and professional service 5/5

    Mr. Alex James

  • I am very impressed with the service as they were able to fix it very quickly for a decent price

    Mr Ben Vickers

  • Great Service, brought back my old lappy from the dead, also cleaned and mended screen. Very nice manner and friendly service.

    Mr Domnic John

  • Fantastic service – quick turn around and very knowledgeable!

    Mr. Daniel Weyman

  • OK service. ipad seems like it was fixed to a good standard.

    Mr. Sd Dillon

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